Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes

Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes

The creation of a new interior is always not easy. We wish it’ll be both stylish and exquisite, beautiful and sophisticated. But at the same time it is important for the room to have the character of those people who will live inside, so it should be individual and special.

Of course in such an important matter it is impossible to avoid the mistakes! They are made not only by those people who are trying to create comfort with their own hands, but even by the experienced professional designers.

Here is 10 most frequent mistakes in design. I hope that knowing of what you shouldn’t do will help you to create more successful interior.

  1. Artificial plants:artificial plants


    Just once and for all say a decisive “no” to artificial flowers in the interior. Believe me, they would’t fit absolutely anywhere, there is no need to try to find a suitable place for them – they just need to be thrown out. The only exception is artificial trees for interior, but they need to be chosen very carefully!


  1. Furniture with upholstery which cannot be cleaned:wrong upholstery

    No matter how attractive a white velour sofa is in the interior of black and white living room and no matter if your family has perfectionism in terms of cleanliness, believe me the spots on the sofa will appear soon! So when you are choosing furniture always think about how you can clean the upholstery when it’s necessary!


  1. One-color interior:one color interior

    Beige room… Looks like a perfect option, right? But this interior looks boring and impersonal. The same applies to any other colors. It is much better not to use one color in the interior, but to use the combination of two or three shades.


  1. “Naked” windows:naked windows

    Only the design of apartments in the style of high-tech or loft involves the lack of windows (and even then not always), in any other cases, the window should be carefully and thoughtfully decorated.


  1. The lack of the light:poor lighting

    Any tricks for creating a perfect interior will be useless if the room has not enough light. The lighting aspect must be carefully thought out! Of course, the interior design of the bedroom and the interior design of the kitchen require totally different approaches to light.


  1. Too many accessories:too many accessories

    Of course, accessories and decorative elements give the room a lived-in appearance and a character of its inhabitants, but in the same time they can simply make the room cluttered and untidy. So remember that it’s important to do everything with a measure.


  1. Useless things:too many things

    Perhaps Hollywood celebrities think that it’s normal to decorate their huge home with incredible and totally useless installations and designer furniture, but in reality it’s just silly to fill the space of apartment with useless things.


  1. An apartment in the General style:boring interior

    In extremely rare cases it is possible to make several rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hallway in the General style so that it will look stylish and not boring. Usually the rooms are just getting too similar and they lose the individuality.


  1. Wires in a visible place:untidy wires

    Believe me, there is no interiors which will look nice with the harnesses of wires which are stretching across the room. You should always (!) mask the cables!


  1. Too many photos:full of frames

    There’s no need to explain that, because too many pictures hanging on the walls look out of place in any interior.


How to Choose a Dishwasher

The tip: How to choose a dishwasher and don’t regret about it

Take the tips of Midea experts into account.

Midea is a famous manufacturer of the household equipment. The equipment of the companies take the smallest nuances of the needs of modern families into account.

  1. Make the selection of the model by the size of the kitchen
    Midea Dishwasher

If the kitchen can not boast square meters then bet on the modern embedded model which width is not more than 45 cm. Choose a full-sized dishwasher with an innovative rocker INNO WASH and with a drying system Turbo Dryi
ng: that will allow you to wash and to dry used dishes quickly.

     2. Take a look at the dishwasher with the third basket.

Midea Dishwasher

For example the Midea MID60S900 dishwasher provide the third basket called Infinity. It not only allows to place the cutlery comfortably, but that also increases the maximum loading of the machine, depending on the width of the device. To improve the quality of the washer there is a 3rd top sprinkler over the basket Infinity.

 3. Buy the equipment only with the Express Wash option

Midea Dishwasher

Smart tech not only simplifies your life but it also saves your time. The option of the express wash allows to reduce the time of household chores and to enjoy the precious moments with your loved ones.


7 Golden Rules for the Kitchen Design

7 golden rules for the kitchen design

Want to know all about the correct design of the kitchen? Get acquainted with the main points.

It is a difficult task to make the kitchen properly. Today we are sharing the rules of kitchen design with you that will help you to avoid mistakes.

We spend so much time at kitchen on daily bases. It is a place where we cook, eat, and even become socialized with our family and friends. No matter if small or big, we always want our kitchen to look clean, clear and lovely. It must be a part of our house where we relax, where we enjoy our food and drink. It is not hard to maintain a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. In this article we categorized the golden rules about the kitchen design. Believe me, your kitchen and life will change right after this post! Do you want to know all about the correct design of the kitchen? Get acquainted with the golden rules.

  1. Work triangle

kitchen work triangle

Did you ever heard about the work triangle? If you didn’t know it before, your life is about to be enlightened. Work triangle is a path which is considering cooking place, sink and fridge. This triangular path shouldn’t exceed 6 meters for your comfort and speed during the cooking or cleaning processes. As you can understand why the triangle shape is chosen for these triplets, the main point is that you shouldn’t put these elements as a line next to each other. If you have a U shaped kitchen, you can have cooking places on your one side and refrigerator on your other side while the sink is staying in front of you. Or if you have a corridor kind of kitchen, you can have cooking place and refrigerator on same line, while having sink on the other side, in front of them. In L shaped kitchens, you can have sink and fridge on same line while stove is staying on the other leg.

  1. A flooring

kitchen flooring

The decision about the flooring of the kitchen is not an easy deal as it seems. Kitchen is a place you must clean in each step, even if you are careful. While you are selecting materials for flooring of the kitchen, you must pay attention to pick up the ones that are easier to care for. You wouldn’t like to choose to live with the one easily damaged. Eventually changing the kitchen flooring is a quiet bit of job. Therefore flooring material you choose must be fairly resistant to the possible external damages. Don’t fall in the trap of those beautiful glossy tiles! It is easy to slip there. If you are fan of kitchen rugs, be sure that they are stable with stickers on the floor, not moving easily.

  1. Color scheme

kitchen black color

Even if dark colors become more popular in recent years and seems cool, it is better not to choose them as a background of your kitchen. Dark colors tends to decrease the size of your kitchen on visual perception. In this case, choosing dark colors as accessories in your bright kitchen will be more effective. This way you can highlight your accessories or special items such as coffee machines and have a nice accent. For the big, bright and clean looking kitchen, we suggest you to take the neutral colors as base for the décor and textiles.

  1. A practical kitchen apron

kitchen apron

The working wall in the kitchen often plays a decorative role emphasizing the style which you’ve chosen. The materials you are selecting for this area is a matter of life. Pay attention to the materials, you must select the ones that can be easily cleaned as a wall tiles, hardly damaged to be more longlasting. Be careful about their practicality and ease of care. The best solution is to use an apron as a kind of continuation of the countertop. In fure we will be publishing more detailed post about how to choose the countertop.

  1. A practical countertop

countertop kitchen

That time when a countertop was mainly with the structure of marble or granite is gone. Today there is a huge selection of countertops which are made of composite materials, which can significantly save your budget and match any desired color. The main principle which is important to remember is the practicality and the resistance to high temperatures. Otherwise you can easily face with a problem of hot pot trace which will eventually stay in front of you.

  1. Right lighting

kitchen lighting

Place decorative pendant lights or a common light source above the dining room and install additional lighting above the work area (sink, stove, desk). For more convenience you can use dimmers which will help you to adjust the brightness of the lighting depending on the time of day. It is important to have some led lighting which you can apply to the won part of your upper cupboards. If you want to have a brighter kitchen, you must select a glass material with lighting for the place between your work area and cupboards. This way you can also select a motive or design to print on the glass where you would be receiving light.

  1. Hide the equipment

We are sure you agree that the less devices are located everywhere, the more neat and ordered the room looks itself. It is even better to hide a dishwasher and a refrigerator behind the facade of the kitchen. Having a clean and neat look in the kitchen will satisfy you more and bring the quality of your kitchen forward.

Selecting Fireplaces for Your Interiors

Selecting Fireplaces for Your Interiors

All houses have their own styles and everybody has their own tastes. Having a fireplace was a must need especially for winter times since the technology developed and heaters came out. But the ambiance and the feeling fireplaces are giving stayed indispensable. Choosing or changing the fireplace in our houses is not a big thing that we are overstating. It must seem decorative and beautiful of course but it also needs to be functional. The fuel type is also effective while choosing the fireplace. So how to choose the convenient fireplaces for our houses? Is it always a big work? Can we have a fireplace without doing constructive work in our houses? Which options do we have? We tried to answer all your questions about fireplaces in this post.

The first thing that we must consider is for what purpose we are going to use the fireplace. Even it is seems not logical, in so many houses fireplaces are staying only as a decorative item without used. So let’s find out which are our options for fireplaces.

Selecting Fireplaces by their working principles

Fireplaces with Wood

fireplaces with wood

These are the most traditional fireplaces which are functioning by using wood as a fuel. For this kind of fireplaces, there must be convenient chimney which is connected directly to the fireplace to create the airflow. When compared to the other fireplaces, the fireplaces with wood is the one which is giving the best heat and scrunch sound of the burning wood. With this kind of traditional fireplaces, you would need other functional at the same time decorative accessories such as metal sticks to interfere the fire, log holders and some storage for the woods. Also you can always add iron doors for your fireplace, which is preventing little sparks to scatter around and also seems decorative and giving your house an ancient, and traditional look.

Fireplaces with Gas

fireplaces in gas

These kind of fireplaces are using gas as a fuel. Since the natural gas started to become wide spread used in houses, the preference of fireplaces which are working with natural gas also increased. These kind of fireplaces are perfect for those who doesn’t have a place in their house to build a chimney for the fireplace. Therefore by preferring these kind of fireplaces, you are becoming free to choose in which part of your house, you are going to locate your fireplace. When compared to the traditional fireplaces which are using wood, choosing fireplaces working with gas is more eco-friendly solution. The stones and woods you often can see in these kind of fireplaces working with gas are generally there for decorative purposes and made up of artificial materials to imitate the ambiance as traditional fireplaces create.

Fireplaces with Electric

electric fireplaces

The fireplaces working with electric are the ones which are the most economical solution for the fireplace lovers. Compared to the other solutions, fireplaces working with electric are more preferred as a decorative objects. Because these kind of fireplaces has a purpose of visual effect of fireplace by using light games and they actually doesn’t serve its main purpose which is heating the room. In recent years, the preference of these kind of electric fireplaces increased because of their modern looks and the possibility of easy portability.

Fireplaces with Liquid

fireplaces with liquid

These fireplaces are functioning with a material called bioethanol that is obtained by plants. Fireplaces that are working with bioethanol are not requiring a chimney system. The bioethanol is a completely natural and health-friendly material and eco-friendly also preferred because of its sustainability. This material, with the supplementation of red color, is creating a fire which is smell and smoke free. The carbon dioxide gas its creating after firing is so much less that it is not creating any health problem. The heat amount that these fireplaces are providing is also so much low. Bioethanol fireplaces are more convenient for the people who are preferring to have fireplaces more as a decorative unit in their houses.

Fireplaces by their materials

Stone Fireplaces

stone fireplaces

Stone fireplaces are also preferred quite a lot because you can use them easily for the outdoor as you can use them in indoor. Stone fireplaces are the most traditional and natural solution among other choices. Because of the rigidness and durability of the stone, we can say that they are quite long lasting fireplaces. Granite, limestone, marble materials can be choices for these kind of fireplaces. Stone Fireplaces are also known as Rustic Fireplaces according to the ambience they create. They are quiet often chosen as a matter of fact, in the country houses, wood houses and chalets.

Brick Fireplaces

brick fireplaces

These fireplaces that are made up of bricks are also chosen according to their durability and time-resistant. Bricks are also energy efficient materials and they don’t require maintenance. Brick fireplaces also a good choice for outdoor use. With the ambience they create, they are also a strong candidate for the rustic style of decoration. As stone Fireplaces, they are also preferred in country houses and mountain houses.

Selecting Fireplaces by their models

Wall mounted fireplaces

Wall mounted fireplaces

Wall Mounted Fireplace models are more convenient for the fireplaces which are requiring a use of chimney. These fireplaces are also generally preferred to be able to use the same chimney for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces that are mounted in the two sides of the same wall. The other reason why you can choose to have the fireplace which is wall mounted is to have fireplaces on preferred height which are not needing chimneys. They also accommodate the minimal style of your house as a more modern interoperation of fireplaces.

U type fireplaces

U type fireplaces

These fireplaces are generally preferred when there is a column in the middle of the room. These column is generally expanded with the coating material, and these kind of fireplaces are created which can be seen from three different sides. U type fireplaces which are not requiring chimneys are mostly preferred for these model of fireplaces but also it is possible to use the ones with chimney by a little bit of construction work.

L type fireplaces

L type fireplaces

L type fireplaces are a decorative and modern solution for the traditional fireplaces while it is easier to use them with other fireplaces which are not requiring chimney. With these fireplaces it is possible to enjoy the fire and the belongings of the fireplaces from two sides. By preferring L type fireplaces you can also show the interior material of the fireplace and create an attractive detail in your interior.

Island Fireplaces

Island Fireplaces

These fireplaces are generally preffered as ceiling mounted. These kind of fireplaces are mostly the ones that are not requiring chimneys. They are used as a decorative and a sculptural items in the interiors and they are also called as firepits. They are like an island inside of the room that can be interacted all around. While choosing these kind of unsheltered fireplaces, we should be more careful especially for the children and the animals.

What are the differences between interior architect and decorator?

What is the conflict between interior architect and decorator professions? Which line is separating their duties? What are their working principles? Which level of contribution they can create in an interior?

Since so many years, architects were also designing the interiors. According to the developing technology and the increment over social life, the need of interiors in different purposes was aroused. The functionalities of the interior, the purpose of use and user requests started to be effective over the interiors. The interiors were then designed by architects as shells and mostly over touched by decorators. The requirements over interiors created emerge of a profession which was always there but not named. There are still conflicts over the explanation of profession interior architecture, how it segregate itself from architecture and decoration. In this article, we will try to explain what interior architecture is and what an interior architect does?

What are the main differences between interior architecture and decoration?

interior design model 3d

Who is Interior Architect? What does an interior architect does?

Architects inspired by the depths of the history and the architectural history are opposed to the separation of architects both inside and out because most architects say that a structure is a complete and integral whole and that it must be designed together. In the contemporary world, there are some requirements in the interiors of some structures beyond the outside. In today’s world, contemporary structures can require very specific arrangements in the interior. Interior architects design interior spaces arranged independently from the outside in accordance with needs.

Interior architecture has become a separate occupational discipline in line with the needs of the time. An architect is obliged to cooperate with the interiors of the structure and the exterior.

Interior architect is a person who is capable of understanding the infrastructure of a building, designing the interiors, starting from the structure. An interior architect reorganizes and manages the structures and conducts all kinds of researches and designs in their projects. They work on the development and design work of the subjects belonging to the interiors.

Interior architecture is to organize all kinds of closed or semi-open spaces in a manner appropriate to the function of that space, without overlooking the structural and aesthetic values. In short, if it would define “Interior architecture is the art of adding meaning to the space.”

Interior architect needs to have a knowledge of physical requirements of an interior temperature, humidity level, and lighting, sound systems and etc., psychological requirements such as aesthetics, cultural levels, etc. of an interior.

An interior architect works as a team with architects, material providers, practitioners, artists and etc. Interior architecture is a team work, and the interior architect is the designer and the director of this duration starting from the research, till the last touches. An interior architect must complete this process in accordance with the art principles by taking account the wishes of the costumers and the economical possibilities.

Interior architecture is never to determine the location of the seats in the house, nor to place the purchased seats in their places.

Who is decorator? What does a decorator does?

interior architecture office

The word decoration is coming from “decoration” term in French. It is an ornament art based on beautifying the existing things. Decorator is a person who is not authorized to make changes over the structure of building. Decorator is a person who has a sense of art, has a broad point of perspective about aesthetics and help costumers about color combinations, furniture selection and accessories decisions to be used in the interiors.

In fact, decoration is the name given only by the interior architects to their practitioner team. The decorator is practitioners who move with the interior architect’s schedules in the direction of the fixtures they receive from the interior architects. Unfortunately, in so many places decoration is coincided with interior architecture.