Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes

Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes

The creation of a new interior is always not easy. We wish it’ll be both stylish and exquisite, beautiful and sophisticated. But at the same time it is important for the room to have the character of those people who will live inside, so it should be individual and special.

Of course in such an important matter it is impossible to avoid the mistakes! They are made not only by those people who are trying to create comfort with their own hands, but even by the experienced professional designers.

Here is 10 most frequent mistakes in design. I hope that knowing of what you shouldn’t do will help you to create more successful interior.

  1. Artificial plants:artificial plants


    Just once and for all say a decisive “no” to artificial flowers in the interior. Believe me, they would’t fit absolutely anywhere, there is no need to try to find a suitable place for them – they just need to be thrown out. The only exception is artificial trees for interior, but they need to be chosen very carefully!


  1. Furniture with upholstery which cannot be cleaned:wrong upholstery

    No matter how attractive a white velour sofa is in the interior of black and white living room and no matter if your family has perfectionism in terms of cleanliness, believe me the spots on the sofa will appear soon! So when you are choosing furniture always think about how you can clean the upholstery when it’s necessary!


  1. One-color interior:one color interior

    Beige room… Looks like a perfect option, right? But this interior looks boring and impersonal. The same applies to any other colors. It is much better not to use one color in the interior, but to use the combination of two or three shades.


  1. “Naked” windows:naked windows

    Only the design of apartments in the style of high-tech or loft involves the lack of windows (and even then not always), in any other cases, the window should be carefully and thoughtfully decorated.


  1. The lack of the light:poor lighting

    Any tricks for creating a perfect interior will be useless if the room has not enough light. The lighting aspect must be carefully thought out! Of course, the interior design of the bedroom and the interior design of the kitchen require totally different approaches to light.


  1. Too many accessories:too many accessories

    Of course, accessories and decorative elements give the room a lived-in appearance and a character of its inhabitants, but in the same time they can simply make the room cluttered and untidy. So remember that it’s important to do everything with a measure.


  1. Useless things:too many things

    Perhaps Hollywood celebrities think that it’s normal to decorate their huge home with incredible and totally useless installations and designer furniture, but in reality it’s just silly to fill the space of apartment with useless things.


  1. An apartment in the General style:boring interior

    In extremely rare cases it is possible to make several rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hallway in the General style so that it will look stylish and not boring. Usually the rooms are just getting too similar and they lose the individuality.


  1. Wires in a visible place:untidy wires

    Believe me, there is no interiors which will look nice with the harnesses of wires which are stretching across the room. You should always (!) mask the cables!


  1. Too many photos:full of frames

    There’s no need to explain that, because too many pictures hanging on the walls look out of place in any interior.


New office of Microsoft in Milan

Working areas are the places that we spent the biggest percent of our days. Despite it is not cared so much, the design of our offices are directly effecting our physical and psychological well-being as well as our productivity. Lately some big companies started to change themselves and worked with designers to create the offices that can motivate the employees. One of them is Microsoft Office in Milan. Let’s check out this lovely office together.

Microsoft Office in Milan

Design firm Platform 5 Architects presented a private house Backwater with 165 square meters replacing outdated bungalow in the County of Norfolk, England. Built in a secluded lagoon it belongs to Patrick Michelle, the director of Platform 5 Architects.

Microsoft Office in Milan

Family residence was designed in contrast with the traditional neighborhood buildings, but it does not disturb the tranquillity and the beauty of the area. The main objective was to create a simple and modern accommodation with living area as the central element.

Microsoft Office in Milan

Low-rise building is represented by three blocks, pitched roofs which are similar to the sheds of boats. Roof and side walls are covered with black wooden shingles, but on the front and the rear facades it is raw and it creates the textured appearance of the building. Deep eaves accentuate the bold silhouette of the house and provide protected exterior zones that can be used any time of the year, in the same time that’s recalling the verandas of nearby coastal Chalet made in the Edwardian style, built as holiday homes with an emphasis on leisure and relaxation.

Microsoft Office in Milan

Each volume has an excellent area and it is oriented on various types. Two-level living room, which is bordering the kitchen and the dining room which are located in the neighboring block, is separated from them by a sliding wooden door that allows you to open the space if you want to. Three bedrooms with bathrooms occupy the last two-storey volume. Every space in the house was carefully planned and decorated with mostly built-in furniture. A rich palette of materials shows the wide range of colors and textures corresponding to the function of each room, creating a cozy, but  changing in the same time atmosphere.

Microsoft Office in Milan

Microsoft House is a new office of Microsoft in Milan, which interior project was designed by the architects of DEGW Italia who made a mix of everything that is associated with a vision of «100% italian design».

Microsoft Office in Milan

The office is located in the iconic building of architects Herzog & de Meuron, and the new interiors fully meet such corporate values like openness, visibility, flexibility, energy, dynamism and innovation.

Microsoft Office in Milan

Implemented DEGW project is a part of the process which Microsoft carries out for several years under the name “New World of Work”. The concept has a flexible approach to the dynamics of work and the use of functional and technologically innovative spaces that serve the purpose of cooperation maximizing. These ideas provide working space which allow the possibilities of different working methods.

Microsoft Office in Milan

In the two lower floors of the building there is a client area, which is opened to the public and which demonstrates Microsoft products. Floors from the second to the sixth are reserved for company staff and its partners.

Microsoft Office in Milan

Work areas are different in accordance with the type of activity for which they are made and they are grouped together in carefully designed clusters with a special facing of the furniture and the floor. There are sub-domains inside of them, which create transparent spaces with optimal sound and environmental efficiency.

Microsoft Office in Milan

Another fundamental feature of the project is the presence of Social Hubs, which are the spaces where people can come and hold informal meetings or enjoy short breaks with the colleagues. Themes that define the mood and tone of these Social Centres are sport, nature and city; the furniture and decor which were made right for their order fit the stated topics.

Microsoft Office in Milan

The whole design of furniture and accessories is made in the italian taste with the use of natural materials such as wood, that creating a warm and a friendly environment.

Microsoft Office in Milan